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The Cushie Pushie is made for mothers by a mother. It is a pillow designed to help nursing mothers gain the correct breast position for easier breastfeeding. This cushion pushes the breast upward in order to allow easy latching by the nursing baby, while maintaining correct positioning throughout the feeding.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Multi-User Green Breastpump Now Available

As an advocate of breastfeeding, and a working mom, a breastpump was a very important part of my life when my boys were babies, especially when my first ended up in the NICU. It always bothered me that the expensive hospital grade pumps could be reused by different users but I was was stuck with the personal model that I bought. My electric model was not a cheap purchase either, I think it was around $250. It is still sitting in my closet upstairs taking up space.

With the birth rate at more than 4 million each year, it is estimated that at least 2 million breastpumps are purchased annually by new parents. The majority of these pumps─those that don't end up in attics, cellars and closets─end up in landfills. This is due to that the fact that the majority of pumps are designed as single-user devices, and with that the FDA states that these type of pumps can be not be shared between mothers.

Well, Hygeia has developed a solution to be able to help keep more breast pumps out of the already overcrowded landfills. They announced the launch of the first Green breastpump. The Hygeia EnJoye™ Breastpump was designed and is registered with the FDA as a multi-user product. When a Hygeia consumer no longer needs her breastpump, it can be re-used if each mother has her own personal accessory set, similar to hospital grade systems.

The breakthrough is Hygeia's adaptation of the hospital technology into a consumer product that's portable, economical, and safe for re-use between mothers. All the parts that touch a mother or her milk are part of her personal accessory set. In addition, the Hygeia Enjoye breastpump features an optional reusable lithium ion battery. Another Green feature, since most breastpumps typically use multiple AA batteries that end up in landfills after use.

The pump retails for $299 and the personal accessory pack is just $35.00.

John Estill, CEO of Hygeia, states that "Hygeia is committed to the environment and making the earth a Greener place for new parents and babies."

[See the new Hygeia EnJoye™ Breastpump.]

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At Hygeia, our mission is to support breastfeeding. Hygeia products are made by professionals who have a depth of personal and industry experience in breastfeeding and who share the vision to create a different kind of breastfeeding products company.

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