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The Cushie Pushie is made for mothers by a mother. It is a pillow designed to help nursing mothers gain the correct breast position for easier breastfeeding. This cushion pushes the breast upward in order to allow easy latching by the nursing baby, while maintaining correct positioning throughout the feeding.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Website Features Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow and Gift Items

The Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow, probreastfeeding apparel, gift items, and breastfeeding gift baskets are featured on the Jon & Kate Plus 8 website as one of their favorite businesses. Just in time for their appearance on Oprah too.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 is the incredibly famous, fun family who star in their own reality tv show, their life with a set of twins and sextuplets. Yes that's right, they have eight little ones running around the house and TLC follows them through their daily activities. The half-hour show airs Monday nights at 9:00PM EST on The Learning Channel.

Check it out at http://www.sixgosselins.com/Cushie_Pushie.html

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